Microgames Are Not Everything!


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Challenges Of A Microgaming Builder


MICROGAMES- SPEED AND FUN GO HAND IN HAND No matter how much is the craze prevailing for games that consume hours to play amid the general masses, microgames are fast emerging the new face of gaming and fast capturing the fancy of the impatient youth who love speed, entertainment and fun. The tendency to finish off and see results faster is what the builders of microgames are banking upon. The concept of microgaming has come […]

Microgaming’s Growing Popularity


Microgaming’s Growing Popularity Start Up of Microgaming The initial start up of Microgaming was as an online casino. It began with the introduction of a poker software and the launching of an online poker network for licensees. After the initial beginnings, there was a range of online casino games and loads of gaming software created and distributed.   Increasing Popularity of Microgaming Microgaming has become an exceptionally productive business with the release of new slot […]

Popular Microgames 2015


Popularity of Microgaming There is no surprise that the gaming players are always coming back to the online casinos, wanting to play more. In the past decade, Microgaming is still growing and creating new products. As the games are being released on a monthly basis, the range and choice of the gaming products is getting wider and more complex. With the increase the choice, there is an increase in the popularity of Microgaming. Top Microgames […]